DA300 Multi-wire Saw
Applicable Material:Silicon carbide crystals.
Processing Size: 4~8 inches
Cut Shape: Straight shape
Max Wire Speed: Max 2400m/min


1.Product Introduction

This series is mainly used for high-precision cutting of silicon carbide crystals, with advantages of large loading capacity and high wire speed ensuring high precision and high reliability, and achieving a significant increase in production capacity.

It can cut materials in 4~8 inches, the cutting size is flexible according to customers’ requirements.


The cutting wire can be flexibly change between slurry and diamond wire to meet different requirements from customers.

3 wire guide rollers, the maximum processing size can be 8 inches.

The take-up and pay-off spools are under the cutting room, it’s more stable during machine running.

The machine is equipped with an upside-down swing cutting structure, which facilitates high-speed sheet cutting.

Better design of the guide wheel distance and high-precision detection of wire arrangement, reduce the risk of wire breakage.

More advanced tension control algorithm and high precision tension sensor.


3.Cutting sample 

 DCX-1000-4.png  DCX-1000-1.png

 DCX-1000-2.png  DCX-1000-3.png

4. Parameter

Maximum work sizeφ205x300mmφ205x600mm

Workbench quantity

Roller out diameter*Workable width(φ200±10mm)310x3(φ200±10mm)610x3

Wire diameter

Wire spool storage40km(φ0.25mm)40km(φ0.25mm)
Maximum running speed2400m/min2400m/min
Travel of table300mm300mm
Table swing±10°±10°
Cutting methodVertically downward movementVertically downward movement
Cutting feed speed0.1-99.9mm/min0.1-99.9mm/min
Tension range5-50N5-50N
Tension system accuracy(during cutting)±0.5N±0.5N
Cutting fluidWater-based cutting fluidWater-based cutting fluid
Fluid storage420L420L
Fluid flow rate12000L/H12000L/H
Power supply380V±10%  50HZ380V±10%  50HZ
Air supply≥0.4MPa≥0.4MPa
Size L*W*H

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