CR680 Multi-wire Saw
Applicable Material:Rare earth permanent magnet
Max Processing Size: 70x680x160mm/130x680x160mm
Cut Shape: Straight shape and arc shape
Max Wire Speed: 1200m/min


Product Introduction

CR680 Multi-wire Saw is a double-station cutting equipment designed to meet the requirements of cutting straight sheets and curved sheets for rare earth permanent magnet industry with "arc compensation function". The four-roller direct drive and roller rotation adjustment structure design can achieve product cutting in the range of 30mm.


> The machine adopts double-station design and is able to cut two plates materials at the same time, which greatly improves the working efficiency.

The whole casting structure has high damping coefficient and excellent vibration damping performance.

The rollers and wire spools adopt cone-positioned structure with high accuracy and high rigidity to control wire net shaking.

The roller auxiliary disassembly bracket can effectively reduce the labor intensity and disassembly time.

The main operation door can be raised and lowered electrically with safety device.

The cutting room is open on 3 sides for easier operation and maintenance.

Equipped with arc compensation function and wire break memory system.

Cutting sample

瓦片2-300x225.jpg  瓦片1-300x225.jpg

钕铁硼1-300x225.jpeg  磁材瓦片-300x225.jpg


2Maximum work size70x680x160mm130x680x160mm
3Workbench quantity22
4Out diameter *Workable widthΦ155±10*690mm*4 rollersΦ155±10*690mm*4 rollers
5Diamond wire diameterφ0.12mm-φ0.25mmφ0.12mm-φ0.25mm
6Wire storage (PV600 reinforced I-wheel)40km(φ0.25mm)40km(φ0.25mm)
7Maximum running speed1200m/min1200m/min
8Worktable lifting245mm245mm
9Worktable translation30mm30mm
10Cutting methodVertically upward movementVertically upward movement
11Cutting feed speed0.1~99.9mm/min0.1~99.9mm/min
12Cutting fluidWater-based cutting fluid/cutting oilWater-based cutting fluid/cutting oil
13Cutting fluid storage800L800L
14Cutting fluid flow rate200L/min200L/min
15Power supply380V±10%  50Hz380V±10%  50Hz
17Air supplyAdopting water-based cutting fluid, the air pressure is ≥ 0.4 MPa.Adopting water-based cutting fluid, the air pressure is ≥ 0.4 MPa.
18Machine size L*W*H2950mm*1920mm*2500mm2950mm*1920mm*2500mm
19Machine weight6000kg6000Kg

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