DCX-1000 Single-wire Saw
Applicable Material:Sapphire, Optical glass, Jade, and other super hard and brittle materials.
Max Processing Size: 1000mm×1000x1000mm
Cut Shape: Straight shape
Max Wire Speed: 1200m/min


Product Introduction

The machine uses a single diamond wire to cut super hard and brittle materials such as Sapphire, Quartz Crystal, Optical Glass, Jade, etc. in large size. With rocking cutting function, through the diamond wire swing thus reduce the product cutting area and achieve the cutting of super hard and brittle materials.

The machine can be equipped with online crystal direction automatic detection device, 360° automatic table rotation and automatic pitch angle adjustment function according to customer's demand to realize accurate cutting of products.


Much stable, the whole-casted frame makes running stably.

Optional crystal orientation meter can be used to achieve online automatic adjustment of crystal orientation.

Continue to cut after wire breakage.

Focusing on large size workpiece cutting, the maximum size of workpiece can be 1000mmx1000mmx1000mm.

HMI is easy to operate.

DCX-1000-4.png  DCX-1000-3.png

DCX-1000-2.png  DCX-1000-1.png


2AbilityMaximum work size1000mm×1000x1000mm
3Diamond wireWire swing angle±30°
4Tensioning adjustment range≤80
6WorkbenchWire feed speed0.1~10mm/min
7Rotation angle360°
8Pitching angle±7°
9Cutting fluidFluidWater-based cutting fluid or cutting oil
11Flow rate180L/min
12PowerPower supplyThree-phase 380V 50Hz
13Total power consumption≤25kw
14Size & WeightSize L*W*H3470mm*3500mm*3200mm


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