DCX800 Single Diamond Wire Saw
Applicable Material:sapphire, magnetic material, special ceramics, artificial gemstone, electrode material, Mono/polycrystalline silicon, aluminum oxide(Al2O3), aluminum nitride(AlN), rare metals and alloys, and other hard and valuable materials.

Max Processing Size:800×800×800mm

Cut Shape: Straight shape

Max Wire Speed: 1500m/min

The model was changed due to appearance and technology upgrade.


Product Introduction

This series is mainly used for high-precision and high-speed cutting of super hard and brittle materials, such as sapphire, optical glass, artificial gemstone, special ceramics, quartz crystal, electrode material, mono/polycrystalline silicon, aluminum oxide, aluminum nitride, magnetic materials, etc.


Swing slicing makes stronger cutting force.

Good choice for large size cutting material.

Quieter, the noise less than 80db.

High-speed, the fastest wire speed can be achieved at 1500m/min.

Wire break memory system.

HMI is easy to operate.

Much stable, the whole-casted frame makes running stably.

Cutting sample

氧化铝切片-1-300x225.jpg  蓝宝石-1-300x225.jpg

单晶硅-1-300x225.jpg  Optics1-1-300x225.jpg


Running ModeRunning ModeReciprocating running
Running SpeedMax1200m/min
Wire diamondφ0.25mm~φ0.6mm
WorkbenchWorkbench swing angle±30°
Maximum work size800mm*800mm*800mm
Number of workbench1
PowerPowerThree-phase 380V 50Hz
Full-load Power15kw
Air supply0.35Mpa-600L/min
Size & WeightSize L*W*H2510mm*2700mm*2500mm

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