DF300/600 Multi-wire Saw
Applicable Material:Rare earth permanent magnet, Optical glass, Quartz Crystal and other hard and brittle materials.
Max Processing Size: 205x300x160mm/205x600x160mm
Cut Shape: Straight shape
Max Wire Speed: 2400m/min


Product Introduction

DF300/600 Multi-wire Saw is mainly used for slicing hard and brittle materials such as Rare Earth Permanent Magnet, etc. It has the advantages of reliable function, high accuracy of processing size and good cutting surface.


➤ The whole casting structure has high damping coefficient and excellent vibration damping performance.

➤ The stable base provides the basic conditions for the application of high wire speed, fine wire and tolerance requirements.

➤ The rollers adopt cone-positioned structure with high accuracy and high rigidity to control wire net shaking.

➤ Optimized rollers distance and wire winding space leads to small torsion force and tension fluctuation.

➤ The wire spools are located under the cutting room and runs stably, which can meet the cutting requirements of high wire speed, high quality and low wire consumption.

➤ The wire pay-off wheel adopts the standard universal spool (PV600 reinforced I-wheel), and it’s no need to rewind.

Cutting sample

df (1).jpg


2Maximum work size205x300x160mm205x600x160mm
3Workbench quantity11
4Roller out diameter *Workable width(Φ200±10)*310mm*3 rollers(Φ170±10)*610mm*3 rollers
5Diamond wire diameterφ0.08mm-φ0.25mmφ0.08mm-φ0.25mm
6Wire spool storage (PV600 reinforced I-wheel)40km(φ0.25mm)40km(φ0.25mm)
7Maximum running speed2400m/min2100m/min
8Travel of worktable300mm300mm
9Cutting methodVertically downward movementVertically downward movement
10Material plate clampingAutomaticAutomatic
11Cutting feed speed0.1~99.9mm/min0.1~99.9mm/min
12Cutting fluidWater-based cutting fluid or cutting oilWater-based cutting fluid or cutting oil
13Cutting fluid storage420L420L
14Cutting fluid flow rate12000L/H12000L/H
15Power supply380V±10%  50Hz380V±10%  50Hz
17Air supply≥0.4 MPa≥0.4 MPa
18Size L*W*H4000mm*1600mm*3200mm3700mm*1650mm*3300mm

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