CF680H Multi-wire Saw
Applicable Material:Rare-earth permanent magnet, semiconductor, Quartz Crystal, Precious metal and other hard and brittle materials.
Max Processing Size: 160x680x160mm*2
Cut Shape: Straight shape
Max Wire Speed: 2400m/min


Product Introduction

This high-end multi-wire saw is mainly designed for customers’ requirements of cutting straight slices in the field of rare earth permanent magnet, semiconductor materials, quartz crystal, precious metas and other hard and brittle materials field, with a double-station design.

Frame integrated casting ensures rigidity and stability of the equipment. Four rollers design can achieve the high precision cutting in different thickness from 0.5mm to 15mm.


➤The machine adopts double station design and is able to cut two plates materials at the same time, which greatly improves the working efficiency.

➤Frame integrated casting ensures rigidity and stability of the equipment.

➤High wire running speed up to 2400m/min.

➤The optimized electrical system can effectively cut power consumption off 5~30%.

➤Large diameter and lightweight design for pulley, which facilitates the speed of the machine and the use of finer diamond wire.

➤The wire guide rollers, double-cone design of wire spools and axle box with oil-cooled structure make high-speed running stable and reliable.

➤Fewer guide wheels reduces wire disconnection.

➤Wire break memory system.

Cutting sample

df (1).jpg


2AbilityMaximum work size160x680x160mm*2
3Wire Guide RollerOut diameter *Workable widthΦ170±10*680mm*4 rollers
4Quantity4 Rollers
5ComponentResin( PE or PU)
6Diamond wireWire diameterφ0.10mm-φ0.25mm
8Maximum running speed2400m/min
9WorkbenchTravel of table245mm
10Lift speed0.1-99.9mm/min
11Fast feed speed250mm/min
12Cutting fluidFluidWater-based cutting fluid or cutting oil
14Flow rate200L/min
15PowerPower supplyThree-phase 380V 50Hz
16Rated power≤45kva
17Air supplyPressed air pressure≥0.4 MPa
18Size & WeightSize L*W*H3330mm*2220mm*2550mm
20Floor strength10000Kg

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