LC100 Laser Cutting Machine
Applicable Material:Magnetic Materials
Max Processing Size(L×W×H):100mm×100mm×3mm
Cut Shape: No-standard shape
Max Wire Speed: 1000m/min


Product Introduction

Lc100 is a high precision machine developed for the precision cutting of non-standard shape Magnetic Materials, changing the traditional cutting method in the magnetic material industry. Non-standard shape products can be directly formed in one time, which saves a lot of labor and is more efficiency.


It can cut non-standard shape material.

Double-workbench improves the production efficiency.

High laser cutting accuracy.

Adopting top international control system,the performance is stable and reliable.

An automatic dust removal system ensures that the cutting environment is sealed and meets environmental protection requirements.

Cutting sample

lc100-2.jpg lc100-1.jpg

lc100-4.jpg lc100-3.jpg


2AbilityMaximum work size L*W*H100mm×100mm×3mm
3Cutting accuracy±0.01mm
4WorkbenchLaser cutting2 laser cutting heads
5Number of workbench2
6Control devicesControl systemFamous Spanish Brand
8Rated power10.25kw
9Gas supplyN²or O²
10Size & WeightSize L*W*H2000mm*1400mm*2100mm
12Cooling mediumCooling mediumPure water or plasma water


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