DA800 Multi-wire Saw
Applicable Material:Sapphire, Optical Glass, Artificial Gemstone, Ceramics, Quartz Crystal, Monocrystalline Silicon, etc.

Max Processing Size:φ125mm×400mm*2

Cut Shape: Straight shape

Max Wire Speed: 1500m/min

Contact: Lydia

Contact number: +86-13141049063

E-mail: lkhw@ytlikai.com


Product Introduction

This series is mainly used for high-precision and high-speed cutting of super hard and brittle materials, such as Sapphire, Optical Glass, Artificial Gemstone, Ceramics, Quartz Crystal, Monocrystalline Silicon, etc. Five wire guide rollers design is mainly used to cut straight slices of  0.5mm-60mm thickness.


➤Double cone for wire guide rollers and wire wheels makes fast and easy installation.

➤Double cone for the take-up and payoff wheels makes reliable positioning accuracy.

➤The quantity of  wire wheels reduced to 7 to make less wire-broke and more efficient.

➤The mode of 3 or 5 wire guide rollers is optional to achieve cutting thick and thin slices.

➤Swing slicing makes stronger cutting force.

➤Much stable, the whole-casted frame makes running stably.

➤2 Worktables achieve larger productivity.

➤A real-time monitoring system is used to track changes in cutting parameters.

➤The opening workspace makes operation easier.

➤Wire break memory system.

➤Dedicated refrigerant, self-contained tube cooler, equipped with electronic flow switch, and suspended dry powder fire extinguisher in the operation compartment.

Cutting sample

晶体切样1.jpg  晶体切样.jpg

3.Quarz-Crystal-slice-cutting-by-diamond-wire.jpg  2.Sapphire-slice-cutting-by-diamond-wire.jpg


2AbilityMaximum work size L*W*Hφ125mm×400mm*2
3Thickness of slice1mm~60mm
4Wire Guide RollerOut diameter *Workable width¢165mm±10*400mm
5Spindle Space405mm
6ComponentResin(PE or PU)
7Diamond wireWire diameterφ0.12mm-φ0.25mm
9Running speed1500m/min
10WorkbenchTravel of table245mm
11Lift speed0.1-99.9mm/min
12Fast feed speed200mm/min
13Number of workbench2
14Motor PowerSpindle7.5×3kw+4.4×2kw(servo motor)
15Workbench lift400w(servo motor)
16Wire tension1.8kw*2(servo motor)
17Wire winding & release4.4kw×2(servo motor)
18Workbench Swing750w×2
20Cutting fluidFluidCutting Oil
22Flow rate250L/min
23PowerPowerThree-phase 380V 50Hz
24Rated power<41kva
27Floor strength8000kg

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