CA400 Swing Diamond Multi-wire Saw
Applicable Material:sapphire, quartz crystals, optical glass, special ceramics, artificial gemstone, rare metals and alloys, and other hard and valuable materials.

Max Processing Size: 125*310*110mm

Cut Shape: Straight shape

Max Wirespeed: 800m/min


Product Introduction

This series is adept in the task of original size within 4 inches, mainly used for high-precision and high-speed cutting of super hard and brittle materials, such as sapphire, ruby, optical glass, artificial gemstone, special ceramics, quartz crystal, electrode material, etc.


Fewer guide wheels, the quantity reduced to 8 to reduce wire disconnection.

Swing slicing makes stronger cutting force.

Underside workbench, the workbench is upward movement.

More smart, wire winding and release tracking system.

Wire break memory system.

HMI is easy to operate.

Much stable, the whole-casted frame makes running stably.

Easy operation, the opening workspace makes operation easier.

Cutting sample

3.Quarz-Crystal-slice-cutting-by-diamond-wire-300x  2.Sapphire-slice-cutting-by-diamond-wire-1-300x225

Ruby-used-in-phonograph-stylus-300x225.jpg  4.Special-Ceramics-slice-cutting-by-diamand-wire-3


AbilityMaximum work size L*W*Hφ125mm*310mm
RollerOut diameter *Workable widthφ145mm±10*266mm
Spindle Space395mm
ComponentResin(PE or PU)
Diamond wireWire diameterφ0.1mm-φ0.25mm
Running speed800m/min
WorkbenchTravel of workbench150mm
Workbench swing angle0-±7deg
Lift speed0.1-99.9mm/min
Workbench swing speed20-400deg/min
Number of workbench1
Cutting fluidFluidCutting oil
Flow rate180L/min
Motor PowerSpindle11kw(servo motor)
Workbench lift400w(servo motor)
Wire tension3kw*2(servo motor)
Wire winding & release200w*2(servo motor)
Workbench Swing750w(servo motor)
Sending wire4.4kw*2(servo motor)
Power & Air supplyPowerThree-phase 380V 50Hz
Full-load power30kva
Air supply0.35 mpa-600L/min
Size & WeightSize L*W*H3000mm*1490mm*2630mm

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