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LC100 Laser Cutting Machine

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Product Introduction

The machine is suitable for precision cutting of non-standard shape material. High production, high efficiency, high cutting accuracy.


  • It can cut non-standard shape material.

  • 2 workbenches make high production&efficiency.

  • High laser cutting accuracy.

  • More smart, automatic loading and unloading, reducing labor.

  • An automatic dust removal system ensures that the cutting environment is sealed and meets environmental protection requirements.

  • Small volume, easy to store.

Cutting sample


Item Detail Parameter
Model Model LC100
Ability Maximum work size 100mm×100mm×2mm
Cutting accuracy     ±0.015mm
Workbench Laser cutting 2 laser cutting heads
Number of workbench 2
Control devices Discharging system Famous Spanish brand
Control system Famous Spanish brand
Dust removal system HR1100
Refrigerator WHWJ-2000W-1225
Size&Weight Size L*W*H 1480mm×1310mm×1900mm
Weight 300Kg
Power&Gas supply Power 220V
Rated power 7.6 kW
Gas supply Nitrogen(N2)
Cooling medium Cooling medium Water