CR2240 Multi-wire cutting machine
Winding Machine

GF2244 Multi-wire cutting machine

Applicable Material:sapphire, quartz crystals, optical glass, special ceramics, artificial gemstone, electrode material, semiconductor materials, rare metals and alloys, and other hard and valuable materials.

Max Processing Size:440*220*160mm

Cut Shape: Straight shape

Max Wire Speed: 1500m/min

<< Product Features

■The number of guide rollers is reduced to 8 and the line break rate is low, which saves consumables costs. It is not necessary to disassemble the bearing and the gland when replacing the guide wheel. It is only necessary to remove the molded guide wheel and put on a new wheel to increase the working efficiency.

■The spindle equipment and the main installation board adopt the constant temperature integrated processing equipment technology to ensure spindle precision.

■With the side disassembly structure and the forklift assembly and disassembly roller, the overall disassembly and assembly of the roller time are reduced by 70%.

■The equipment adopts a double-row cable to improve the stability of the transmission line and is designed for the diamond wire.

■The retracting and unwinding mechanism adopts horizontal positioning taper sleeve positioning, which is more stable when running at high speed.

■The mainframe and frame of the equipment are made of one-piece castings, which ensures the stability of the equipment for long-term use.

<< Parameter

Processing capability
Max work size440*220*160mm
Equipment size and weight
Outer dia. * groove width¢180±10*450mm
Spindle Pitch435mm
Wire Range¢0.1-¢0.25mm
Wire reel capacity20km
Wire reciprocating speedmax 1500m/min
Vertical strokemax175mm
Cutting feed speed0.1-99.9mm/min
Fast feed speed200mm/min
Cutting fluid
fluidcutting oil
Max barrel capacity800L
pumping capacity250L/min
Power of motor and cooling machine
Roller spindle drive15kw+11kw
Line sending5.5kw*2
rapid motion in vertical400w
Thread tension3kw*2
water pump2.2kw
linear motion200w*2
Power and air source requirements
Power380V 50hz
Full-load power45kva
Air consumption0.35 Mpa-600L/min