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DJ50 DJ80 Beveling Machine

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Product Introduction

The series is mainly suitable for beveling magnetic material slices. Through the special intermittent mechanism and adjustable positive and negative operation to produce high precision grinding products.


  • Intelligent fault alarm function.

  • The counting device can accurately count the number of polished slices.

  • Vibration plate (optional) loading, saving labor, and improving efficiency.

  • There is a water collecting tray to recover the cutting water in real-time to prevent pollution.

Cutting sample


Item Detail Parameter
Model Model DJ50 DJ80
Ability Maximum work size L*W*H 43mm*43mm*14mm 68mm*68mm*14mm
Thickness of slice 1.5mm~14mm
Beveling angle 45°
Maximum width of  Conveyor belt 50mm 80mm
Cutting fluid Fluid Water
Storage 25L
Flow rate 12L/min
Smart function Jam detection Jam alarm
Counting device Read the polishing amount from the control screen
Feeding vibrating plate Feeding slices(Optional)
Power  Power Three-phase 380V 50Hz
Rated power 1610 W
Size&Weight Size L*W*H 745mm*495mm*1380mm
Weight 100Kg