CR400 Tile-shaped Diamond Wire Saw
GF2244 Multi-wire cutting machine

CR2240 Multi-wire cutting machine

Applicable Material:sapphire, quartz crystals, optical glass, special ceramics, artificial gemstone, electrode material, semiconductor materials, rare metals and alloys, and other hard and valuable materials.

Max Processing Size:220*400*100mm

Cut Shape: Tile shape

Max Wire Speed: 900m/min

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Type CR2240T CR2240B
Processing capability
Max work size 220*400*100mm
Equipment size and weight
size 3450*1490*2360mm
weight 4200kg
Outer dia. * groove width ¢145±10*410mm
Spindle Pitch 395mm
Wire Range ¢0.1-¢0.18mm
Wire reel capacity 20Kg
Wire reciprocating speed 900m/min
Vertical stroke max120mm
Cutting feed speed 0.1-99.9mm/min
Fast feed speed 150mm/min
Cutting fluid
Max barrel capacity 135L
pumping capacity 250L/min
Power of motor and cooling machine
Roller spindle drive 20.5kw(servo motor) 15kw(servo motor)
Line sending 5.5kw*2(servo motor) 5.5kw*2
rapid motion in vertical 400w(servo motor) 400w(servo motor)
Thread tension 3kw*2(servo motor) 3kw*2(servo motor)
water pump 2.2kw 2.2kw
linear motion 200w*2(servo motor) 200w*2(servo motor)
Power and air source requirements
Power triphase 380V 50hz
Full-load power 40kva 30kva
Air consumption 0.35 Mpa-600L/min