CX8080 Single Diamond Wire Saw
CF2240 Diamond Multi-wire Cutting Machine

CF400 Diamond Multi-wire Cutting Machine

Applicable Material:sapphire, quartz crystals, optical glass, special ceramics, artificial gemstone, electrode material, semiconductor materials, rare metals and alloys, and other hard and valuable materials.

Max Processing Size:220*310*135mm

Cut Shape: Straight shape

Max Wire Speed: 900m/min

Product Introduction

This series is mainly used for precision cutting of magnetic material, such as NdFeB magnet, samarium cobalt magnet, ferrite, alloys, silicon carbide, etc.


  • Fewer guide wheels, the quantity reduced to 8 to reduce wire disconnection.
  • Underside workbench, the workbench is upward movement.
  • More smart, wire winding and release tracking system.
  • Wire break memory system.
  • Much stable, the whole-casted frame makes running stably.
  • Easy operation, the opening workspace makes operation easier.

Cutting sample


Item Detail Parameter
1 Model Model CF400
2 Ability Maximum  work size L*W*H 220mm*310mm*135mm
3 Wire Guide Roller Workable diameter *Workable width φ145mm±10*320mm
4 Spindle Space 395mm
5 Component Resin(PE or PU)
6 Diamond Wire Wire Diameter φ0.1mm-φ0.20mm
7 Storage 20km
8 Running speed Max900m/min
9 Workbench Travel of table Max150mm
10 Lift speed 0.1-99.9mm/min
11 Fast feed speed 150mm/min
12 Number of workbench 1
13 Cutting fluid Fluid Cutting oil
14 Storage 800L
15 Flow rate 250L/min
16 Motor Power Spindle 7.5kw(servo motor)
17 Sending wire 4.4kw*2(servo motor)
18 Workbench lifting 400w(servo motor)
19 Wire tension 2kw*2(servo motor)
20 Water pump 2.2kw
21 Wire winding & release 200w*2
22 Power&Air supply Power Three-phase 380V 50Hz
23 Full-load power 30kva
24 Air supply 0.35 Mpa-600L/min
25 Size & Weight Size L*W*H 3000mm*1490mm*2360mm
26 Weight 4000Kg